Polyester Plate Lithography Workshop (Instructor)
Sierra Nevada College Visiting Artist Program,
Lake Tahoe.  (July 25-29, 2005)

April 2015

Elizabeth LaCour. Erosion. Polyester Plate Lithograph

Participants will investigate the medium of polyester plate lithography. This exciting printmaking medium offers artists the potential of creating images similar to traditional lithography while eliminating the complicated processing procedures. This non-toxic alternative process is more user and environmentally friendly, more economical than traditional lithography, and cuts printing time in half. Come explore direct hand drawn lithography techniques with permanent markers, ballpoint pens, and toner tusche and crayons, acrylic base resist materials. In addition to hand drawn imagery, polyester plates may be used for photo-lithographic techniques. Plates can be imaged through a laser printer or photocopy machine allowing digital imaging to be directly transferred to the plate. Chemical developers are eliminated and plates can be printed as multiples using an etching press. Participants will learn about preparing images using the computer and about drawing directly on the plates. Emphasis will be placed on creative applications, safe art practices, and acquisition of technical printmaking skills. No previous printmaking experience is necessary just a spirit of adventure.